Father Faces Criticism for Utilizing a Harness with Five-Year-Old Quintuplets

Today, we present the account of a youthful father who recently uploaded a video showcasing his excursion with his five children. While such an occurrence may seem ordinary, the video has garnered over 4 million views, sparking a division of public opinion. Approvals are granted to his employment of leashes to ensure the safety of his quintuplets, while a contrasting faction vehemently opposes this approach.

Let us delve into the father’s narrative as he sheds light on his rationale behind opting for this particular method to safeguard his children…

Jordan and his wife tried to have a child for two years without success. So they decided to trust the doctors to help them make their dream come true. After the fifth attempt, they realized that they would have not one, not two, but as ɱaпy as five babies!

Jordan says the best part of fatherhood is being a kid again.

When the quintuplets got too big for strollers, it turned out to be a big challenge to take them out in public. They had to think outside the box. This is how the idea of using leashes was born, and the situation already had a solution, although it was not approved by society.

Jordan says leashes aren’t used as often as people think because they just don’t go into dangerous places that often. However, when he posted the clip, a large part of the public loved the idea and expressed support and sympathy for the large family.

“Safety is paramount. If I had that ɱaпy kids, I would definitely do the same. Come on Dad!!!”
“With five kids, you need leashes – an example of responsible parenting!”
“After my 2-year-old daughter tried to throw up in the street, we now use a leash as well.”

“Aren’t they dogs?”
“They’re old enough to make up their own minds about where to go!”

According to Jordan, these comments come from people who just can’t put themselves in their shoes and probably don’t have any kids.

Jordan has this advice for all those parents who would like to use a leash but are worried about people’s reactions: “Just think about yourself and your child. Honestly, it’s your job, no one else can interfere with how you care for, raise or raise your child.”

He adds that this does not harm the children but ensures their safety. The world is full of all kinds of dangers and it doesn’t matter what we do if we have ɱaпaged to keep them safe in the end.

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