The construction site was frightened by the sudden appearance of a 16-foot Python. (Video)

Construction workers were taken aback by the unexpected arrival of a colossal anaconda.

The enormous serpent, measuring 10 meters in length and weighing 4 quintals, emerged while the workers were demolishing the Altamira Cave in Para, a northern state of Brazil.

As seen in the video uploaded by the Reporterbox Youtube account, the anaconda that appears at the project site is very large.

Its body diameter even reaches 10 meter.

However, after the video was uploaded, animal lovers criticized construction workers for keeping the anaconda in chains.

They assume that the snake was killed and not returned to its natural habitat.

Even so, there are also those who believe that the anaconda, whose head looks flat, could have indeed been crushed to death by the debris that collapsed as a result of the explosion.

Until now there has been no clear confirmation regarding the cause of death of the giant snake, as written on the site


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