“We Want Our Daughter to Know How Amazing Her Mother Was”

“I often observe other fathers with their children. ɱaпy challenges are effortlessly resolved with the phrase, ‘Ask your mother!’ However, not all of us have the luxury of enjoying this privilege.”

Samuel Volrie, a 28-year-old Texan, is already a single parent and widower. He shares his tale on Cafemom and inspires numerous others across the globe with his courage. Even though his wife passed away shortly after the birth of their first child, Samuel strives to remain strong every day for his daughter.


“Maria was the lady I so desperately wanted. Even though we were only together for five years, she utterly transformed me into a better person. I needed someone like her to help me light my inner fire and demonstrate that I am capable of greater things.”

When they first met, Samuel had a daughter whom he only visited on the weekends. At least I’ve always had a positive relationship with my oldest child.

Following a period of ᴛι̇ɱe with Maria in his life, several things improved: “I earned my own money and was able to save enough to buy my first automobile. Afterwards, I purchased a home and settled all my debts. I was promoted at work and also began eating healthier.


Maria had completed her education, was employed, and had several aspirations and intentions. “She was constantly concerned for others without sacrificing herself. She was so balanced in all of her actions. She was the most lovely and balanced person I’ve ever encountered. She was my closest companion.”

As Maria gives him the positive pregnancy test, Samuel thinks he has finally arrived at the place he has always desired. With Maria at his side, he is prepared to become a father and hopes to perform better this ᴛι̇ɱe. Nevertheless, life intervenes.


Maria labored for several hours in order to give birth to her daughter Alina. When their daughter is born, both parents feel joy and relief. Despite the fact that everything appears to be normal, Alina is to be sent to the critical care unit for monitoring. Thus, Maria and Samuel must traverse the hospital to visit their little daughter. And it is then that they notice something is amiss for the first ᴛι̇ɱe.

Maria can only move with tremendous difficulty; she is in excruciating agony and can barely reach her newborn. Even going to the bathroom, which is only a few meters away from her bed, requires assistance. She insists to her husband and the hospital personnel, “Something is wrong with me!”


Several women who gave birth at the same ᴛι̇ɱe as Maria have long since regained their fitness; she simply refuses to improve. A week and a half after giving birth, Maria was barely recognizable. But, the nurse arrived and sent her home; the insurance company would not cover a lengthier stay for the mother. “It was the beginning of the end,” recounts Samuel.

Little Alina is expected to remain in the hospital for a few more days for observation, so Maria chooses to see her the next day. As Samuel is not eligible for parental leave, he must return to work. He introduces his wife to their child, where she spends the entire day. Nobody suspects that Maria is inwardly bleeding to death in the middle of a hospital. As Samuel collects his wife in the evening, she is in poor condition. At night, she is occasionally unresponsive.


Samuel takes his wife to a different hospital in a panic. Unfortunately, they are unsuccessful in their attempts to aid the frail Maria. His wife’s final words are “Please don’t weep, sweetheart,” and then her eyes close perɱaпently. On September 5, 2019, Samuel and Alina, a little child, both lost their mothers.

Three years later, Samuel is now a single parent. Alina resides with him and is his entire world. Regrettably, Maria, who would have reached 30 years old this year, is unable to observe her daughter’s growth. The three-year-old daughter is a joyful child and her father’s pride and delight.

“I am really appreciative of my parents and older sister, who do so much for me and Alina. Without her, I would have long since given up. Nonetheless, I will do whatever to preserve Maria’s legacy and make her proud. Although though Samuel suffers from episodes of despair, as a single parent he desires to be strong for his daughter and preserve her mother’s spirit.

“I have few close pals. I certainly do not have a lot of cash. Yet I have a life purpose. Since I will always remember her, Maria Corona’s name will have enduring significance. Through me and the others around her, Alina will learn how amazing her mother was.”

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