Cardi B Reveals The Size Of Offset’s D!ck During Her Instagram Live

This video is going to talk about Cardi B’s Instagram Live on Christmas Day, explaining how she spoke about the size of her D during the live video. the video is further going to talk about how cardi B is very vocal, explaining how she always jokes about her family issues without being afraid of anyone and how she always makes provocative comments each time she is live.

The video is further going to talk about how cardi B shared videos of her kids opening their Christmas gifts on Christmas Day and also how Offset paid tribute to his children on Christmas Day.

The video is further going to talk about how cardi B’s rise in the music industry from a reality TV show. The video will additionally talk about how cardi B has several times spoken about her husbands provocative attitude

Cardi B came home to a romantic surprise from her husband Offset and she’s of the opinion he did it because of what he’s expecting from her later in the day.

Cardi B's husband Offset dances with joy as she offers to 'suck ya d***' to promote his album | Daily Mail Online

The mother-of-two gushed as she walked into her home to find candles and rose petals linning the floor.

On getting to her room, she found some red roses arranged in the shape of love and a white bouquet of flowers on her bed.

Watch video below:

Cardi B and her on again, off again husband, Offset, gave fans an inside look to their steamy love life while on vacation in Cabo, Mexico, late Sunday night.

The couple appeared to be doing better than ever, as Cardi posted a string of Instagrams, boasting about the romantic, rose-filled hotel room Offset prepared for her on their trip.

The 26-year-old rapper also showed off the feast the two artists enjoyed during their steamy night.

The romance is real! Offset and Cardi B on Mexico vacation

Selfie game strong: Cardi B posted all over Instagram to boast about her sexy Cabo vacation with her husband, Offset on Sunday

Turning the heat up: Offset prepared a room filled with roses for Cardi B on their romantic getaway to Cabo San Lucas on Sunday

To start off the string of posts, Cardi first shot a boomerang of Offset, 27, with his feet kicked back as he relaxed on their private jet to Medano Beach in Cabo.

After arriving, she then added a video of the extravagant cheese plate and candy dishes that awaited their landing.

From there, Cardi gave a little tour of the rest of the room, while jamming out to some top 40.

Pulling out all the stops: Cardi B giggled as she walked down the hallway, showing off the romantic gesture

Roses galore: The flowers continued with a bouquet of white roses awaiting Cardi’s arrival

The inside look revealed a hall way, covered in red rose petals that all lead to the master bedroom.

At the end of the hall was a canopy covered bed with a collage of petals in the shape of a heart arranged on it.

Also perched on the sheets were even more flowers, with a bouquet of white roses as the finishing touch.

And of course, the Bronx rapper snapped some mirror selfies, which showed a bath tub filled to the rim in the background.

Getting steamy: Cardi’s selfie revealed a bath tub full of water with a candle already lit next to it for the married couple

Moving on, Cardi posted a few stories showing her and her man enjoying what looked like a very fancy candlelit dinner, with ribs, crab and salmon as the main course and glasses of bubbly to wash it all down.

If there was any doubt as to whether the lovers were together or not, Cardi also sweetly got Offset’s attention for the stories by calling him babe.

She then closed the shots saying, ‘I love you babe,’ and revealed Offset smiling into the camera.

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